MoneyWallet Multi-Currency Card

This card enables cardholders to load up to four foreign currencies onto one card which can  be reloaded as many times as they want during the life of the card This can be used for purchases (including e-commerce purchases) and ATM cash withdrawals wherever MasterCard® is accepted  in Ghana or abroad.


The MoneyWallet Multi-Currency Card is the more secure, convenient and flexible way to carry money. Whether you’re attending an important business conference, going to the beach, exploring the sights, shopping or experiencing new cultures, the Card is the smart choice when traveling to one or many destinations.

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Terms and conditions

Frequently Asked Questions

  • This single Card can be used when travelling to multiple countries – cardholders can load different currencies on the Card depending on where they are going.
  • Flexibility of the Card is such that loading is easy – either load into one currency and then move currencies around, or load into several currencies on purchase.
  • Also remember that you can use the Card to pay in any currency, even if that currency is not loaded on the Card**

  • Ability to withdraw local currency at over 2 million ATMs worldwide displaying the MasterCard Acceptance Mark.
  • Accepted at over 35.9 million MasterCard locations globally.
  • Enabled for e-commerce transactions

  • Your Card is issued and activated instantly on purchase.
  • Your Card isn’t just for one trip; you can use it again and again (up to five years as per the expiry date shown on the Card). Simply top it up when next you go travelling**.
  • No transaction fee when using the Card to pay for goods or services (though some merchants may charge a fee or a currency conversion fee may apply if you pay in a currency that is different from the currency loaded on your Card)

Lock in the value of your foreign currency when you load or reload the Card so you never have to worry about exchange rates changing when you travel**.

Your Card can carry up to four currencies every time you travel and it always knows which currency to use.  Load it with US Dollars, British Pounds Sterling, Euros, and South African Rand, in whatever combination suites you, and then keep it topped up with the relevant currency. If you don’t have enough of the local currency on your Card then it can check to see if the other currencies on your Card can cover the bill. Please bear in mind that you will incur a foreign exchange fee should you use a currency other than a currency available on the Card. You can view this in the Fees and Limits section

The Card is a prepaid Card which means cardholders can easily manage their travel budget.

  • With chip and PIN protection and 24/7 Global Assistance for peace of mind, your Card may be the only travel card you’ll ever need.
  • Emergency cash available if the Card is lost or stolen up to the available balance on the Card, subject to the cardholder’s location.
  • Replacement Cards can be sent to the cardholder’s location (subject to availability and location).

The Card is ideal for anyone travelling abroad (within or outside of Africa). If you are not a Stanbic Bank customer or Ghanaian citizen, that’s not a problem, you can still qualify to purchase a Card as long as you bring the identification documentation and information as set out below. Whether you are a Ghanaian citizen or not, you have to be aged 18 or over.

  • Purchasing your Moneywallet multi-currency card is easy. To download the application form click here
  • We need to identify you, so you’ll need to fill in the application form have a valid ID document, and be aged 18 or over. For requirements click here



Transaction Type U.S. Dollar Pound Sterling Euro SA Rand
Card activation Free Free Free Free
Initial loading fee 2.00%, minimum $15.00 2.00%, minimum £10.00 2.00%, minimum €15.00 2.00%, minimum R180.00
Reloading fee 2.00%, minimum $15.00 2.00%, minimum £10.00 2.00%, minimum €15.00 2.00%, minimum R180.00
Cash-Out fee (Redemption in cash) $15.00 £10.00 €15.00 R180.00
Cash-Out Fee (redemption into Stanbic Bank account) Free Free Free Free
Additional Card Activation Fee $15.00 £10.00 €15.00 R180.00
Negative Balance Fee $15.00 £ 10.00 € 15.00 R180.00
International MasterCard and Cirrus ATM Withdrawal Fee* (excluding Foreign Exchange Fee) $6.00 £ 5.00 € 6.00 R80.00
Domestic MasterCard ATM Withdrawal Fee* (excluding Foreign Exchange Fee) $4.00 £ 3.00 € 4.00 R50.00
Domestic and International MasterCard Point of Sale (POS) Purchase Fee (excluding Foreign Exchange Fee) Free Free Free Free
Online Purchase Fee Free Free Free Free
Foreign Exchange Fee** (this fee will be charged if you use your Card in a currency that is different from the currency loaded on your Card or when you move currency from one purse to another) 4.95% 4.95% 4.95% 4.95%
Global Assistance - Emergency Cash Fee (deducted from the available Card balance) Free Free Free Free
Global Assistance - Lost/Stolen Card Replacement Free Free Free Free


Some ATM operators may charge an additional fee when using their ATMs.

Merchant transactions and ATM withdrawals in a currency other than a currency available on the Card will be exchanged to the currency on the Card at an exchange rate determined by MasterCard on the day the transaction is processed, increased by 4.95% for all currencies.

If there are insufficient funds in the currency of the transaction, the amount will be funded by converting the transaction amount into the next available currency balance on the Card in the following order of priority: USD, GBP, EUR, ZAR. The foreign exchange rate used is the rate determined by MasterCard on the day the transaction is processed, increased by 4.95% (the Foreign Exchange Fee). The ATM fee will be charged in the last Currency used to effect the ATM withdrawal.

These fees can change. You can find out more in your terms and conditions .We keep the latest version online at

Click on Personal and then select TRANSACTIONAL ACCOUNTS and then select MONEYWALLET MULTICURRENCY CARD to locate fees.

Please click here for the current limits

Please note that some ATM operators and/or merchants may set their own transaction and daily limits.
These limits can change. You can find out more in your terms and conditions .We keep the latest version online at

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If you need a PIN reminder, need to report a card lost, stolen or damaged or have a query that is account specific or just a general query, you can call the Customer Services Centre.

There may be a charge for calls to these numbers, if phoning from a hotel or mobile phone.

Please remember to add the international prefix of the country you are in at the beginning of this number (in most cases this is 00, for example 0044 207 649 9409). Calls to this number are free of charge.

Stanbic Bank Ghana

Alternatively, please feel free to contact the Stanbic Bank Ghana Customer Services Centre on +233 (0)302 815 789 or 0-800-1000-9 (Vodafone) or 18080 (MTN), during normal business hours.

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